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Amsterdam to Ceylon The family Van de Parra and the Schorer Family

Descendants of Carel van de Parra

Generation 1


Carel van de Parra and Elisabeth Haauw had the following child:

2.               i.        ROMBOUT VAN DE PARRA was born in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He married (1) MARIA STRICK, daughter of Cornelis Strick and Abigail Ketelaar, on 11 Jan 1683. She was born in Colombo Ceylon. He married (2) HENRIETTA WICKELMAN, daughter of Magnus Winkelman and Susanna Durhee, on 09 Oct 1695 in Colombo Ceylon. She was born in 1676 in Galle Ceylon. She died on 26 May 1697 in Manaar Ceylon.

Generation 2

2.      ROMBOUT  was born in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He married (1) MARIA STRICK, daughter of Cornelis Strick and Abigail Ketelaar, on 11 Jan 1683. She was born in Colombo Ceylon. He married (2) HENRIETTA WICKELMAN, daughter of Magnus Winkelman and Susanna Durhee, on 09 Oct 1695 in Colombo Ceylon. She was born in 1676 in Galle Ceylon. She died on 26 May 1697 in Manaar Ceylon.

Rombout van de Parra arrived in Batavia, Java, Indonesia on 15 Dec 1704. Notes for Rombout van de Parra:

                                                   The Dutch Governors of Ceylon

                                                   Petrus Albertus Van der Parra

                                                         By F.H De Vos

Rombout van der Parra of Amsterdam, Dissave of Colombo, married (1) as a lieutenant at Colombo, on 11 July 1683, Maria Strick of Colombo, the daughter of Cornelis Strick, Dissave of Colombo, and Abigail Ketelaar of Ter Goes (born at Ter Goes Jan 1639, died at Colombo 23 Feb 1709). He married (2) at Colombo 9 Oct 1695 Henrietta Winkelman, born at Galle 1676, died at Manaar 26 May 1697.

Magnus Winkelman, her father, was the Hoofd Administrateur of Colombo, and afterwards Directeur of Persia. He died on 8 July 1705. His first wife Susanna Durhee (born 1651, died at Galle 3 July 1693) was the mother of Henrietta Winkelman. Magnus Winkelman married (2) 25 Dec 1695 Cornelia Strick (the sister of Maria Strick) who was born at Colombo Oct 1669. So that Rombout van der Parra and his father in-law Magnus Winkelman married two sisters, but, as stated above, the daughter of Magnus Winkelman who married Rombout was the issue of the first marriage. Susanna Durhee was the sister of Maria Durhee (born 1652, died 2 oct 1686) the wife of Anthony Mooyaart of Amsterdam, Surgeon. They were the daughters of Andries Durhee and Magdalena .......... Cornelis Van der Parra, born Colombo 31 Jan 1687 died 26 April 1719, was the son of the first marriage of Rombout. He married at Colombo 26 October 1709 Gertruida Spanuyt of Amsterdam, he had by her three children, viz., [1] Rombout [2] Maria Henrietta and [3] Petrus Albertus.

Rombout was born at Galle 1710, and seems to have died young. Maria Henrietta, born at Colombo 1713, married there 14 May 1730 Willem Bernard Albinus of Leyden, afterwards Governor of Malacca, who had previously married, Colombo 4 March 1722, Johanna Maria Tootzee of Batavia, daughter of Jan Christiaansz Toorzee of Wilburg, Jutland. Constapel Majoor, and Sibille [Elsebe] Rex of Galle, the daughter of Willem Rex of Amsterdam, schoolmaster, Galle, by his wife Christina Victor of Amsterdam, whom he married at Colombo 5 Sept 1677.

       Willem Bernard Albinus after his retirement from service,married at Batavia 17 June 175-, Cornelia Adriana d'Ableing of Batavia, widow of Herman Theling,              Raad Extraordinair. Petrus Albertus van der Parra, the third child of Cornelis, entered the service of the Dutch East India Company, as a soldaart by de penne in
       1778 at the age of 14 years. He was assistant 1731,boekhouder 1732, onderkoopman 1736, koopman and private secretary to Governor General 15 May 1761.
       He died at Batavia 28 Dec 1775.              

        Petrus Albertus van der Parra married [1] at Batavia 30 Sept 1733 Elisabeth van Aerden, and [2] 11 June 1743 Adriana Johanna Bake [widow Guldenarm]                 daughter of David Johan Bake,Raad Extraordinair, and Ida Dudde.

There were three children of the first marriage, but they all predeceased their father. The only child of the second marriage was Petrus Albertus van der Parra, born at Batavia 1760, died 1783, at Schepen Batavia, married at Batavia 18 May 1778 Catherina Breton, daughter of Hendrik Breton, directeur-general,and Sara Maria van Oordt. It does not appear that the Governor-General was sent for his education to Europe - agood proof of ' higher education' in the East in those days. Adolph Eschelskroon, Resident, Ayer - Bangies, Sumatra, his account of Ceylon [Ao. 1783] page 172 [Dutch edition] writes:-    

     "So long as Governor-General Mossel still rived Schreuder, Governor of Ceylon, received every support from Batavia; but as soon as his successor van der Parra [whom Schreuder wished to see out of Ceylon in order to give the Governorship to one of his nephews] assumed the reins of office he was thwarted in everything...... Baron van Eck had the misfortune to be wounded [in the Kandyan war], and died soon after the treaty of peace. He was succeeded by Heer Falck, a very learned, sagacious and worthy man, who had been promoted to the degree of Doctor of Laws. He was at first at Batavia as private secretary to his cousin van der Parra. If he had not died an early death he would eventually have risen to the office of Governor-General." 

       l have however not been able the discover any relationship between Governor Falck and Governor-General van der Parra. Eschelskroon, like most German writers on Ceylon, wrote with a strong bias against the Dutch, and is sometimes quite unreliable. Schreuder was a Hamburger, and Falck's father from Cologne.

Rombout van de Parra and Maria Strick had the following children:

3.         i. CORNELIS VAN DE PARRA was born on 31 Jan 1687 in Colombo Ceylon. He died on 06 Apr 1719. He married Gertrida Susanna Spannuyt, daughter of Albert Spanuyt and Maria van Rijssen on 26 Oct 1709. She was born on 14 Aug 1691 in Amsterdam,Noord-Holland, Netherlands. She died in 1763 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.                                                                                                                                  

     ii. JOHAN CAREL VAN DE PARRA was born in 1690.  Johan Carel van de Parra was baptized on 06 Sep 1690 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    iii. JOANNES VAN DE PARRA was born in 1691. Joannes van de Parra was baptized on 30 Sep 1691 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

  4.               iv. SUSANNA MARGARITA VAN DE PARRA was born on 05 Apr 1695. She died on 25 Sep 1714 She married DANIEL SCHORER

                                                            Generation 3

3.      CORNELIS VAN DE PARRA was born on 31 Jan 1687 in Colombo Ceylon. He died on 06 Apr 1719. He married Gertruida Susanna Spannuyt, daughter of Albert Spanuyt and Maria van Rijssen, on 26 Oct 1709. She was born on 14 Aug 1691 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Netherlands.She died in 1763 in Leiden, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

Cornelis van de Parra was baptized on 06 Feb 1687.
Gertruida Susanna Spannuyt was baptized on 14 Aug 1691 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Cornelis van de Parra and Gertruida Susanna Spannuyt had the following children:

i.        ROMBOUT VAN DE PARRA was born on 06 Oct 1710. He died in 1733.

ii.       MARIA HENRIËTTA VAN DE PARRA was born on 15 Feb 1713. She died in 1744. She married Willem Bernhard Albinus, son of Bernhard Albin and Susanna Catharina Ringin, on 14 May 1730 in Colombo Ceylon. He was born on 18 Jun 1705 in Leiden, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He died on 22 Sep 1751 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia.

Willem Bernhard Albinus was baptized on 18 Jun 1705 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherland

4.      SUSANNA MARGARITA3 VAN DE PARRA was born on 05 Apr 1695. She died on 25 Sep  17145. She married DANIEL SCHORER.

Daniel Schorer and Susanna Margarita van de Parra had the following child:



                                                                Generation 4 

5.      PETRUS ALBERTUS4 VAN DE PARRA was born on 29 Sep 1714 in Colombo Ceylon2. He died on 28 Dec 1775 in Indonesia (Batavia, Duch East Indies). He married

(1) ELISABETH PETRONELLA VAN AERDEN on 30 Sep 1733 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia. She was born in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia. She died in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia. He married (2) ADRIANA JOHANNA BAKE, daughter of David Johan Bake and Ida Dudde, on 11 Jun 1743 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia. She was born on 07 Aug 1724 in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia7. She died on 18 Feb 1787 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia (Age: 627).

Notes for Petrus Albertus van de Parra:

The Social World of Batavia: European and Eurasian in Dutch Asia

By Jean Gelman Taylor

Petrus Albertus van der Parra was born in Colombo, the son of a Secretary to the government of Ceylon. His great-grandfather had come to India and the family had lived there ever since. In 1728, he began his career at fourteen years old. As everyone had to start as a soldier, he began as a "soldaat van de penne", then became an "assistent" in 1731, and "boekhouder" (bookkeeper) in 1732. He had to move house in 1736 to take up a new job as "onderkoopman" (underbuyer/undermerchant), and at the same time "collectionist" (collector) and "boekhouder" to the General Secretary at Batavia/Jakarta. He became "koopman" (buyer/merchant) and "geheimschrijver" (secrets secretary) in 1739. He became Second Secretary to the High Government (Hoge Regering), becoming First Secretary in 1747. He became Counsellor-extraordinary of the Indies later that year (November) and in 1751 became a regular Counsellor. In 1752 he became President of the College van Heemraden (in charge of estate boundaries, roads, etc.). He was later a member of the "Schepenbank" (the local government and court in Batavia), a Regent (a board member) of the hospital and in 1755 he became First Counsellor and Director-General (Eerste Raad en Directeur-Generaal)

On 15 May 1761, following the death of Jacob Mossel he became Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. Confirmation of his appointment by the Heren XVII (the Seventeen Lords, who controlled the Dutch East India Company) came in 1762. He held a lavish inauguration on his birthday on 29 September.[citation needed]

Subsequently, his birthday was a national holiday in the Indies. During his time as Governor-General, he overthrew the Prince of Kandy, in Ceylon, though with difficulty, and he conquered the sultanate of Siak in Sumatra. Contracts were entered into with various regional leaders in Bima, Soembawa, Dompo, Tambora, Sangar and Papekat.

Van der Parra favoured his friends and gave out well-paid posts if he could get anything in return for them. It was said he was a typical colonial ruler, idle, grumpy but generous to those who fawned upon him and recognised his greatness. It was a golden time for the preachers in Batavia, who got gifts, translations of the New Testament and scholarships from Van der Parra. They worshipped and eulogised him. Although the Heren XVII knew about his behaviour, as five Counsellors had written to them about his pretentions to kingly behaviour, they did nothing about it.[citation needed]

In 1770, Captain James Cook had to ask for his help to proceed on his journeys on HMS Endeavour (See s:Captain Cook's Journal, First Voyage/Chapter 9). At the end of the 19th Century, a steamship, trading to the Indies, was named after him. [2]

After over fourteen years in power, he died on 28 September 1775 in Weltevreden, the imposing palace built for him outside Batavia/Jakarta. (See images at [3] and [4]). He apparently left a great deal of his fortune to the widows of Colombo and a smaller part to the poor of Batavia. [5] He was followed as Governor by Jeremias van Riemsdijk

The first Governors-General were appointed by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). After the VOC was formally dissolved in 1800,[1] the territorial possessions of the VOC were nationalised under the Dutch Government as the Dutch East Indies, a colony of the Netherlands.

Governors-General were now appointed by either the Dutch monarch or the Dutch government. During the Dutch East Indies era most Governors-General were expatriate Dutchmen, while during the earlier VOC era most Governors-General became settlers who stayed and died in the East Indies.

Under the period of British control (1811-1816), the equivalent position was the Lieutenant-Governor, of whom the most notable is Thomas Stamford Raffles. Between 1942 and 1945, while Hubertus Johannes van Mook was the nominal Governor-General, the area was under Japanese control, and was governed by a two sequence of governors, in Java and Sumatra. After 1948 in negotiations for independence, the equivalent position was named High Commissioner of the Crown in the Dutch East Indie

Petrus Albertus van de Parra and Elisabeth Petronella van Aerden had the following children:




Petrus Albertus van de Parra and Adriana Johanna Bake had the following child:

iv.      PETRUS ALBERTUS VAN DE PARRA7 was born on 29 Apr 1760 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia7. He died in 1783 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia (Age: 23 Schepen Batavia7). He married Catherina Breton, daughter of Hendrik Breton and Sara Maria van Oordt, on 18 May 1778 in Batavia, Java, Indonesia. She was born about 1760.


Johan Willem Schorer and Juliana Cornelia Lebeck had the following child:

PIETER FOENANDER, son of Pieter Foenander and Elizabeth Marie Hammer, on 10 Feb 1793 in Colombo Ceylon (Dutch Reformed Church Wolvendaal,). He was born on 04 Mar 1753 in Sweden. He died on 30 Jun 1800. She married (2) JOSEPH SANSONI. He was born in 1770. He died on 03 Nov 1807.

Notes for Samuel Pieter Foenander:

Map No 65 A.D. 1785 of the Fortress and old Town (Oudestadt) of Colombowith the situation of the surrounding districts, the lake, the innerroadstead with its banks and reefs, the principal suburban buildings,gardens roads eminences, &c., surveyed and mapped by order of Authorityin the year 1785 by P. Foenander, Provisional Lieutenant and LandSurveyor


Immigration: Bet. 1 April - 16 November 1780, Texel,Holland-Bengal,Indiaon the Ship "Bovenkerker Polder" 850 tonne Built 1765 Captain JurriaanVerburg via the Cape of Good Hope this ship was laid up in the Indies31/12/1786

Military service: Captain in the Artillery & Engineer Corps

petrus foenander born in 1719 in Hoboda { where the name Foenum, hay}then in Hogsby now in Kraksmala. after studies in Kalmar matriculatedin Uppsala 1740, ordained 4 the April 1744 in Vaxjo, assistant vicar here28th august 1751, took office 1752. later assistant vicar at Egby parishon the island Oland. 


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