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b- 27 jun 1833   Colombo Ceylon     
m-  25 May 1857       
d- 26 Jun 1882

b- 2 Aug 1866 Colombo Ceylon         
m- 5 Feb 1896          
d- 29 Sep 1938

b- 10 April 1903 Colombo Ceylon
d-May 1980

bur 26 May 1980

b- 23 Dec 1837    Colombo Ceylon       
d-  7 jan 1906

b- 11 Mar 1837 Colombo Ceylon
m-3 dec 1863
d- 14 nov 1892

b- 21 feb 1870 Colombo Ceylon

b- 15 jul 1846     Colombo Ceylon
d- 14 nov 1892

The Foenander line goes back to my 6th Great Great Grandfather Par Jonnson born 12 Sep 1690 in Sweden.  He was the son of Jons Nilsson and Signe Carlsdr

My fifth great grandfather Petrus Foenander changed his name to Foenander
His wife Engel Maria Hammer goes two more generations back

Along the other lines  l go back to my 9th great grandfathers


Joseph D'Rosairo

Goa India

They had five children  

 b- 5 Jul 1905
Goa India
 m- 29 Dec 1927
 d- 10 Nov 1972

Muriel D'Costa

 Goa India

the other four children were born in Ceylon

Sorry to say but, My Father does not know - can not remember his grandparents , parents names, though he was told a many story back in the day..  His mother was the eldest of five children of which l only knew her sister Mrytle who married George Gray. They came out to Australia in the 1970's.

Her brothers' were William and Christopher  and another sister Ivy Beatrice D'Rosario who married Michael Rexford Melder

I also have the tree on myheritage